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Linux Lite 6.6

Linux Lite 6.6 64bit - 4th September, 2023

This is the third release in Series 6.x See below for more information.

  • UEFI/LEGACY ISO: linux-lite-6.6-64bit.iso
  • MD5SUM: 857e1da4197bf8881882a72b27dbfded
  • SHA256: 732b5561783c7203e3b919a4c55508a4256c13785b80e2e47019d817b89e9543
  • SIZE: 2.4GB - DVD/USB
  • LIVE USER: Login to the live desktop is automatic
  • BASE: Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS
  • More info


Last updated on September 4th, 2023.


Standard package list and more details here.

Check out our hardware database here.

How do I put Linux Lite on a DVD or USB? Click here.

How do I download with BitTorrent? Click here.

Download BitTorrent for Windows or Mac here. Linux users here.


Get a personalized copy of Linux Lite on DVD or USB.

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UEFI/Secure Boot

In Windows Search, type msinfo or msinfo32 and launch the desktop app named System Information. Look for the BIOS Mode item, and if the value for it is UEFI, then you have the UEFI firmware. If it says BIOS Mode Legacy, then that’s the firmware you’re running. Also, in general, UEFI-enabled machines have faster startup and shutdown times as compared to BIOS-Legacy machines. If you bought the computer/motherboard after 2010, chances are you have a UEFI system. If you are still unsure, download the UEFI version as it will also detect and run on a BIOS-Legacy computer.

It is highly recommended that you turn off Secure Boot or you will have a far less enjoyable computing experience. To disable Secure Boot, see here.

windows uefi


Linux Lite 6.6 Final is now available for download and installation. This is one our largest releases on record since we began in 2012. We've added 1000's of lines of new code in the form of supporting a large range of languages. We've massively increased the number of language translations across the entire Menu and Sub-Menu system, by adding support for 22 Languages. We had the time to take on a task of this magnitude so we used it completely. We spent an extra month working on this massive release to improve some translations and because of a change in personal circumstances. If you speak a language other than English, we hope you enjoy a vastly improved and a more complete Linux Lite.

If you're coming from Windows, you'll find this to be a solid, stable release that will help make your transition to a linux based operating system, user friendly. If you're coming from another linux based OS, you'll come to understand that this lightweight OS is the feature complete desktop you've been searching for. See below for What's New.

Read the full announcement here


Web Browser - Chrome 116.0

Email Client - Thunderbird 102.15

Office Suite - LibreOffice 7.5.5

Media Player - VLC 3.0.16

Image Editor - Gimp 2.10.30

System Backup and Restore - Timeshift 21.09

File Manager - Thunar 4.16.10

Base: 22.04.3

Kernel: 5.15.0-82(custom kernels are also available via our Repository for versions 3.13 - 6.5+)

Series: 6.x


Window Theme: Materia

Icon Theme: Papirus

Font: Roboto Regular


Support for 22 new Languages added.

Updated to the latest stable version of LibreOffice.

Updated Icon set.

New Wallpapers.

Added new install detection update for Lite Welcome.

The Hardware Database now has over 90,000 submissions.

Latest stable versions of Chrome, Lite applications etc.

Bug fixes and enhancements.


If you are writing the ISO to a USB on Windows, Mac or Linux, Etcher - https://www.balena.io/etcher/ has proven to be reliable as has Rufus - https://rufus.ie (Windows only).

Linux or Mac command line:

      sudo dd if=linux-lite-6.6-64bit.iso of=/dev/sdx bs=4M

Yumi, Multiboot and other multi-boot applications are not officially supported, experiences and success rates may vary. If you do use unsupported third party software to burn Linux Lite to a USB, try logging in with ubuntu as the username and password, or just as the username, no password.

If the screen locks during Live mode, type linux or one of the above usernames into the user box and click on the Login button (no password required)

Linux Lite 6.6 64bit - 4th September, 2023

FILENAME: linux-lite-6.6-64bit.iso


MD5SUM: 857e1da4197bf8881882a72b27dbfded

SHA256: 732b5561783c7203e3b919a4c55508a4256c13785b80e2e47019d817b89e9543

HTTP MIRRORS: Click here (wait for page to load)

TORRENT HASH: 0baee3f3e8f08a626170c07f26c912a5331b0db4

LIVE USER: Login to the live desktop is automatic


Select a location near you from the drop down box below, then on the next page, click on the iso file to download Linux Lite.

For example:







For a range of donate options, check out our Donate page.






32bit ISO

There will be no 32bit ISO from Series 4.x onwards. If you still need to run a 32bit operating system, our Series 3.x is supported until April, 2021. Download it from here (wait for page to load and choose your nearest location).



To upgrade from within a Series, click on Menu, Favorites, Install Updates (you must reboot if prompted to) then Menu, Settings, Lite Upgrade.

There is no upgrade path to or from RC releases.

There is no upgrade path from Series to Series.


Linux Lite releases are announced and ready 12AM New Zealand Time on the 1st of that months release date.

Other time zones:

Australia, Perth - 8PM (31st)

Brazil - Rio de Janeiro - 9AM (31st)

Canada - Montreal - 8AM (31st)

China - Beijing - 7PM (31st)

Finland, Helsinki - 1PM (31st)

France, Paris - 2PM (31st)

India, Mumbai - 5.30PM (31st)

Israel, Tel Aviv - 3PM (31st)

Japan, Tokyo - 9PM (31st)

Kuwait, Kuwait City - 3PM (31st)

Australia, Sydney - 10PM (31st)

Pakistan, Lahore - 5PM (31st)

Russia, Moscow - 3PM (31st)

South Africa, Cape Town - 2PM (31st)

Spain, Madrid - 2PM (31st)

United Kingdom, London - 1PM (31st)

United Arab Emirates, Dubai - 4PM (31st)

USA, New York - 8AM (31st)


The release schedule for Linux Lite.

Linux Lite 6.8 Release - 1st February 2024 (End of Support April 2027)

Linux Lite 6.6 Release - 4th September 2023

Linux Lite 6.4 Release - 1st April 2023

Linux Lite 6.2 Release - 1st November 2022

Linux Lite 6.0 'Fluorite' Release - 1st June 2022

Linux Lite 5.8 Release - 1st February 2022 (End of Support April 2025)

Linux Lite 5.6 Release - 1st September 2021

Linux Lite 5.4 Release - 1st April 2021

Linux Lite 5.2 Release - 1st November 2020

Linux Lite 5.0 Release - 1st June 2020

Linux Lite 4.8 Release - 14th January 2020 (End of Support April 2023)

Linux Lite 4.6 Release - 1st September 2019

Linux Lite 4.4 Release - 1st April 2019

Linux Lite 4.2 Release - 1st November 2018

Linux Lite 4.0 'Diamond' Release - 1st June 2018

Linux Lite 3.8 Release - 1st February 2018 (End of Support April 2021)

Linux Lite 3.6 Release - 1st September 2017

Linux Lite 3.4 Release - 1st April 2017

Linux Lite 3.2 Release - 1st November 2016

Linux Lite 3.0 'Citrine' Release - 1st June 2016

Linux Lite 2.8 Release - 1st December, 2014 (End of Support April 2019)

Linux Lite 2.6 Release - 1st April, 2015

Linux Lite 2.4 Release - 1st September, 2015

Linux Lite 2.2 Release - 1st December, 2014

Linux Lite 2.0 'Beryl' Release - 1st June, 2014

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