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Linux Lite is free and can best be described as a labour of love. I am very passionate about showing people how simple linux can be to use.

  1. The goal of this project is to work on it full time so that we can deliver to you a better operating system with each release. More time, more features, greater options.
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Linux Lite - Road to full funding


Ways to Donate

People should have a choice when it comes to how they choose to support an operating system. If you use Linux Lite and want to contribute towards its success, please select from one of the options below.


Buy a Linux Lite USB

High quality USB'S from the Linux Lite Shop. Have it sent to you anywhere in the world.


PayPal Monthly

An automatic, recurring monthly contribution to Linux Lite via PayPal.



Bitcoin is a digital currency that uses encryption to send peer-to-peer payments.



Allows developers to obtain funding from people who use their software regularly.


Buy from Shop

Buy merchandise such as Clothing and USB'S from the Linux Lite Shop, and have it sent to you anywhere in the world.


Bank/Western Union

Bank: Westpac New Zealand
Account: JRG Bezencon
Swift Code: WPACNZ2W
IBAN: 0301230321162000



Allows you to receive income from fans of your software. Anyone who clicks your link can support you with a 'coffee'.



Users can improve the open-source projects they love by creating/collecting bounties and pledging to organizations.


Your contributions help fund:

  • - Main web server costs

  • - Domain renewal

  • - Repository hosting

  • - Hardware purchases

  • - Hardware

  • - Utilities

  • - Stationery

  • - Travel

  • - Software licences

  • - Fees (PayPal, eBay, TradeMe)

  • - Time spent developing

  • - Paying other developers

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Contributors List

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Address: 1Q836L2CCHyfK7EARxZBtrPNcCqM5wUwab

PayPal - Monthly

Contribute Monthly through PayPal. Thank you.

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